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Miss Roberts wrote: Setting Description
Today we used drama to generate ideas to describe a setting. Can you spot the adverbs, prepositions and conjunctions which we have used?   (More)
  Our written news reports. Our video news reports. Please Note - Do not try to visit Sunset Island. You will get lost at sea due to the fact that it is actually found in our imaginations. (More)
Miss Roberts wrote: Newspaper Text Map
Text Map (2) We have been learning a text map about an Earthquake in Haiti. Click the link above to practise at home. (More)
Miss Roberts wrote: Volcano Poems
missgoodenough wrote: Fantasy Stories from Year 5
We have looked at portals and used our imagination to create fantasy stories, to send us to a different dimension. Take a look below at our work! (More)
Mr Clayton wrote: Mad Hatters Tea Party
Today we have had a fun filled afternoon having a Mad Hatters style tea party. We had jam tarts, sandwiches, crisps and sweets. We washed our delicious snacks down with red and orange squash while watching parts of the Alice in Wonderland film to (More)
We have been writing exciting sentences using adverbials and conjunctions. Wallace pulled the single large level on the control box in order to activate the system.  (Ryan) A flashing alert goes off in Gromit's bedroom so that  he can get (More)
Today we went to the beach to discover all the broken pieces from the iron man after he fell from the cliff. We discovered that he was made from lots of different metals and sorted them based on their properties. There were even some objects wh (More)