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Mrs Gresham wrote: Questions
We have been writing question in our English lessons this week. We received a letter from Buzz Aldrin and wrote back asking him lots of questions about his time in space. What questions did you ask? Don't forget to start with a capital letter and (More)
Miss Roberts wrote: Setting Description
Today we used drama to generate ideas to describe a setting. Can you spot the adverbs, prepositions and conjunctions which we have used?   (More)
  Our written news reports. Our video news reports. Please Note - Do not try to visit Sunset Island. You will get lost at sea due to the fact that it is actually found in our imaginations. (More)
Miss Roberts wrote: Newspaper Text Map
Text Map (2) We have been learning a text map about an Earthquake in Haiti. Click the link above to practise at home. (More)
Miss Roberts wrote: Volcano Poems