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Miss Roberts wrote: Iron Age Forts
We have been learning about Iron Age Forts. We had to find ideal locations using Google Earth. (More)
Miss Chuch wrote: Goblets fit for a King!
Miss Roberts wrote: Stone Henge
Today we learnt about stone henge. We found out that a lot of mysteries surround this special place. (More)
Miss Roberts wrote: Skara Brae
After writing our non-chronological reports about Skara Brae we were tasked with creating sound bars for a museum. (More)
Miss Roberts wrote: Cave Painting
We created Stone Age style cave paintings using berries, coal and mud. (More)
Miss Roberts wrote: Skara Brea
Use the website below to find out the information to following questions. What and where is Skara Brae? What were the houses like inside? What do we know about the people? http://www.bbc.co.uk/scotland/learning/primary/skarabrae/ (More)
Miss Roberts wrote: Stone Age Tools
Miss Roberts wrote: Surviving the Stone Age!
I think the important thing is to find food. Ollie G You would need to make tools first so that you can catch food. Ryan water is the most important because you need it to survive. Millie   (More)
Miss Roberts wrote: Explore Anicient Greece
www.childrensuniversity.manchester.ac.uk/interactives/history/greece/exploreancientgreece/ (More)
Miss Roberts wrote: Ancient Greek Gods
What did you find out? What else would you like to know? (More)