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Miss Roberts wrote: Nature Art
Can you spot the symmetry in our artwork? (More)
Miss Roberts wrote: Symmetry Hunt
This morning we have been hunting for symmetry. We have found lots of symmetry and near symmetry in nature and in man made objects. (More)
Miss Chuch wrote: Outdoor Maths!
What did you enjoy about doing Maths outside? Share your ideas below. (More)
Miss Chuch wrote: What a busy term so far!
What a busy term we have had so far! Here are some of the lovely things we've been up to. What have you enjoyed learning about? Share your thoughts below. (More)
Aoife stated that there are 400 perpendicular lines on the rug. Is she correct? (More)
Miss Roberts wrote: Polygons!
This morning we have been learning about 2D shape.   (More)
Miss Roberts wrote: Presenting data.
We created a pictogram together to show our measurements. (More)
Miss Roberts wrote: Handspan
Today we investigated the handspan of the children in the class and presented our data. We found out some really interesting results! (More)