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Mrs Gresham wrote: Science Week
During science week we carried out a science experiment and had an assembly with Atomic Tom!   What at can you remember? (More)
Miss Roberts wrote: The ultimate predator!
We have been learning about the different adaptations animals have to enable them to hunt. We then looked at their adaptations and created an imaginary ultimate predator. We decided how it would hunt, its diet and its habitat. (More)
Miss Chuch wrote: What a busy term so far!
What a busy term we have had so far! Here are some of the lovely things we've been up to. What have you enjoyed learning about? Share your thoughts below. (More)
Miss Roberts wrote: Predators!
This morning we were visited by a range of predators. A white faced owl, a hedgehog tenric, a blue tongued lizard, an Asian forest scorpion, a black king snake and a domino ground beetle were all in our classroom with us. (More)
Mrs Thomas wrote: Class walk
After our walk to the woods earlier in the week, we have been researching minibeasts in class. We have been working in small groups to find out interesting facts and information on the iPads. Did you know there are 18000 species of butterflies? S (More)
Miss Chuch wrote: Melting!
What did you learn from our science investigation? (More)
Miss Roberts wrote: Testing my pet rock!
What did you find out about your rock?   (More)