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Beetles wrote: How was the tea party?
I heard you had a tea party without me. How was it? Please tell me all about it. The hats looked amazing. I'll try to take photos of them and post them here. Mrs Chandler (More)
Beetles wrote: Potions
Hi everyone, I am just so excited that we are doing potions next term. We will be looking at the style of writing two very famous authors have used, both of which have used potions in their stories. Beetles and Badgers will have the opportun (More)
Mr Clayton wrote: Badger's Blog
The blog is now up and running for this year in Badgers! Please make sure you look at the rules for blogging so that you can keep yourself safe online. Last term, was extremely busy in Year 4. Our topic was 'Blue Abyss' where we learnt all abou (More)